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Yangshuo Culture House

Traveler's best kept home-stay secret, experience, first-hand, aspect the Chinese culture and lifestyle in Yangshuo Culture House.

Our location is in a real neighbourhood with families,at the foot of limestone peaks and within just 10 minutes easy and safe walking distance to the city and 5 minutes walk from the Yangshuo North bus station. Here you can listen to birds singing and breathing fresh air when you wake up in the morning.

The price you pay that you will get a health western breakfast and more things as below:

1. A Clean bed in a nice room with Air-conditioning.

2. Meals is include with a health western breakfast.

3. Located in a real neighbourhood with families at the foot of limestone peaks and within easy walking distance to the city.

4. Advice on how to get around and what to see in this area.

5. Learn Chinese culture, select from: Chinese Cooking, Chinese Tai-chi, Chinese Language, Chinese Brush painting, Chinese Calligraphy.

6. Free internet.

7. Wireless Internet. Access the internet with your own laptop in every room. 

We have 10 years tourism experience with Yangshuo International Travel Service of Yangshuo and have also been involved with a cultural and art exchange for 14 years, teaching people from all over the world in Yangshuo.

We also offer a travel service. We can book taxis online from Guilin airport, Guilin South/North railway station and from Guilin city to Yangshuo. We can also arrange the tour in Yangshuo,Guilin and the Guizhou minor